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Super Bowl Squares

What is Super Bowl Squares?

Super Bowl Squares is a game that is based on the scores of the Super Bowl and gets its name from a 10 X 10 grid of squares.

The creator of a Super Bowl Squares league sets up the league by doing the following:
• Assigns a value to each square. If a square is worth 10 dollars, the entire grid is worth 1000 dollars (10 X 100).
• Assigns a value for quarter of the Super Bowl. The sum of the four quarters must equal the total value of the grid.
• Specifies the league (AFC or NFC) that will reside on the horizontal and vertical axis.

The creator invites friends or colleagues to join the league and select random squares on the grid of 100. Players may acquire more than 1 square.

Once all of the squares are filled by the league members, 10 numbers (0-9) are randomly filled across the top and 10 more (again, 0-9) are filled along the side. Rival Central allows you to do this with one mouse click.

At the end of each quarter of the Super Bowl, the last digit of the team's score decides the winners. For example, if after the 1st quarter the AFC has a score of 7 and NFC has 3, the square where 7 on the vertical axis meets 3 on the horizontal axis determines the winner. In the example above, Mark would be the winner of the 1st quarter.

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